Date: 09/09/2022


Middletown Centre for Autism expresses condolences at the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Board and staff of Middletown Centre for Autism extend their condolences to His Majesty King Charles and the Royal Family upon the death of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen’s reign was one of long duration, immense consequence and a focus of respect and admiration around the world. Her dedication to duty and public service were self-evident and her wisdom and experience truly unique. These attributes were recognised by all on the island of Ireland.

 Queen Elizabeth did much through thoughtful word and generous gesture to improve relations between our people in Ireland and between peoples in our two islands. she has through her actions left an enduring positive legacy of deep friendship, of respect, and close partnership on the island of Ireland and between the UK and Ireland.

Her loss will be felt here where she was an exemplar for peace and reconciliation.

Rosemary Steen Chair, Jim Lennon CEO, Middletown Centre for Autism.