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    • 7th June 2016

      Autism and Sensory Processing - Day 3 of 5
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    • 14th June 2016

      Promotion of Positive Behaviour - Day 4 of 5
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    • 17th June 2016

      Autism, Learning Style and Social Communication - Day 1 of 2
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  • Training for Professionals

    Training for Professionals
    The Centre offers a wide range of training for Professionals working with children and young people with autism. More detail About Training for Professionals
  • Advice & Guidance

    Advice & Guidance
    A major part of the Research and Development service includes the delivery of an advice and guidance service for children and young people, parents and professionals. More detail About Advice & Guidance
  • Research

    The Centre publishes a research bulletin which is developed to meet the needs of professionals working in education with children and young people with autism. The bulletin provides accessible summaries of relevant peer-reviewed articles. The summaries are structured to provide teachers with easy access to the key points from the research and implications for practice which they can consider integrating into their daily work. To view / download the full list of our Bulletins, please select the Research page from the main menu.
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