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Power cards for interoception


‘Power Cards’ is a concept developed by Elisa Gagnon in her book ‘Power Cards: Using Special Interests to Motivate Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome and Autism’.  

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Visual prompts for the toilet


Some children and young people miss interoceptive signals when they are involved in another task, such as schoolwork, playing or watching TV. 

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Applications are invited for the appointment of a: Research Officer (Temporary fixed term contract - up to 1 year) within the Research & Development Department.

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Social Anxiety


The demand to communicate verbally can place pressure on many autistic children and young people, causing social anxiety and a reluctance to interact with others.

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Using the toilet


Yesterday the Centre shared information on how interoceptive awareness can affect the ability to independently go to the toilet. 

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This week the Centre’s Interoceptive focus turns to Toileting. 

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New Podcast Teacher Interview


The Centre is excited to release a new podcast, to add to the existing series on Spotify, Buzzsprout, Apple Music and Stitcher. In this episode, one of the Centre’s Occupationa...

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Snack Boards


As discussed on the centre’s social media pages yesterday, some children and young people may not register signals of hunger or fullness. 

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Healthy Dinner Plate


Continuing the theme of Hunger and Thirst, this resource will help children and young people who may not have the interoceptive awareness to tell when they are full.  

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My Drinking Chart


This week, as part of the Interoception theme, the Centre will be turning attention to hunger and thirst. 

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