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The Centre is conducting a survey to understand more about school life for autistic children and young people in Ireland, and to find out what autistic students, their parents and...

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Sock and rice snowman


A clear visual guide for a lovely craft activity, and the end result will make a fantastic tactile fidget toy.

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Santa Says


‘Santa Says…’ is a lovely game for Christmas parties at home or in school. 

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Christmas cracker


Making their own Christmas crackers is a lovely way to involve children and young people in the Christmas preparations.  

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Christmas movement cards


As Christmas excitement grows at home and at school, movement breaks will be even more important to support children and young people in staying regulated. 

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Snowball Buns


Time for some Christmas baking! This recipe requires only 3 ingredients, and the video makes it easy to follow. Video modelling is useful for many autistic children and young peo...

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