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Podcast with Chloe Hayden


“It is the world that is inept, not us. And when we are put in situations where we do have the ability to thrive, our fairy tales and our happily ever afters are going to be so inc...

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Tea and Toast


This visual support provides step by step instructions for making tea and toast, which will help a child or young person to contribute to a special treat on Mother’s Day. 

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Mother's Day


Make a butterfly for Mother’s Day by making hand prints or tracing around hands. A creative surprise on Mother’s Day to give along with a cup of tea or breakfast in bed!

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Visual Supports in Ukrainian


The Centre is again sharing these visual supports which are presented in both Ukrainian and English, and can be used by schools and homes supporting refugees.

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Dr Peter Vermeulen Podcast


In this week’s podcast Dr Peter Vermeulen highlights the importance of being happy and discusses with Middletown’s Dr Fiona McCaffrey how we, as parents and professionals, can help...

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