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Playdough mats


The Centre’s creative elf has been busy designing lots of lovely festive ideas. 

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Everyone can play


In an interview excerpt shared last week, Dr Helen Lynch (University College Cork) discussed Universal Design in outdoor play spaces. 

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NCSE Resource: Sensory Spaces


Another lovely resource from the National Council for Special Education (NCSE), providing lots of ideas for meeting sensory needs in the school setting. 

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Bulletin 36


The Centre is delighted to launch its 36th Research Bulletin, this time on the topic of Outdoor Play.

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Universal Design for outdoor play spaces


Last week the Centre shared an excerpt from its interview with Dr Helen Lynch (University College Cork) in which she explained the importance of outdoor play for autistic children....

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Play Matters


The document at the link below was created by Play Matters to explain the importance of outdoor play and to provide some ideas for getting outdoors. 

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Outdoor play activities


These activity cards will provide lots of ideas for simple outdoor play activities, many not even requiring any resources or equipment. 

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Saturday Webinar


Dr Patricia Daly has been a friend of the Centre for many years, and it is a huge pleasure to welcome her back to deliver one of the Saturday webinars. 

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