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Positive Feelings


In this webinar, recorded for the Centre last summer, Peter Vermeulen provides some excellent advice on how to discuss feelings with autistic children and young people. 

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Positive Commenting


Yesterday the Centre shared insights from Dr Patsy Daly on the importance of positive recognition of efforts. 

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Positive Recognition


In this clip from a podcast recorded last summer, Dr Patsy Daly explains the importance of positive recognition of effort. 

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Worry Bag


The ability to acknowledge worries and then place them to the side is vital for positive mental health. 

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Mindfulness Jar


Creating a Mindfulness Jar can provide a visual distraction which promotes calm thinking. 

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Bullet Journal


Loggs, blogs and vlogs....all on trend terms used by the teenage population. 

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Peter Vermeulen recorded a podcast with the Centre last summer, and in this short clip he stresses the importance of promoting happiness. 

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Sleep social narrative


Sleep is an important part of mental health and wellbeing.  This social narrative clearly explains the importance of sleep, and would be particularly suitable for a younger child. 

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Be Kind to Yourself


This resource encourages young people to think about ways in which they can be kind to themselves in order to foster a sense of mental wellbeing. 

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