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Podcast: Peter Vermeulen 


In the latest episode of the podcast, we talk to Dr Peter Vermeulen about his recent work and how our understanding of autism has changed over the years.   

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Summertime colouring


If you are starting to run out of inspiration for summer activities, here are some holiday themed pictures for colouring.

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Beach Trips


WE might not always have beach weather but there’s still fun to be had at the seaside!

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Summer Poem


This template will help creativity to flow and encourage engagement in mindfulness.

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Going on an aeroplane


Taking a trip on an aeroplane is very exciting, but navigating a busy airport & following the rules may feel a little overwhelming at times.

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Student Passport 


Student passports, sometimes called communication passports, are a tool that allow autistic students to tell school staff all about themselves. 

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Research Journal


The MCA Research Journal is an open access, peer reviewed, on-line only journal that will provide rapid publication of research that aims to improve the educational outcomes, oppor...

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Summer Bingo


Hopefully holiday boredom hasn’t started just yet, but if it has, here is a summer themed game to keep little minds busy!

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Top Tips


Long haul journeys can be a challenge for anyone: busy airports/ports, lots of rules, new sensory experiences and boredom.

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