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More lego ideas


Some simple and fun Lego builds, adapted to include step by step visual instructions. 

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I used to be famous


This trailer not only shows the fictional story of a young autistic musician, but also shows the real story behind the movie- the success of the talented lead actor who is autistic...

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Brickit App


BrickIt is a fantastic new app which helps children and young people create new ideas with all their loose Lego. 

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Lego instructions


Our new Research Bulletin on Pets and Lego will be launched soon so keep watching this space! 

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Animal walks


Resharing this music video created for the Centre by Karen Diamond, Music Therapist. 

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Paper plate pets


Continuing our Pets theme this month, here’s a visual step-by-step guide to explain how to make a paper plate pet (needs less food and exercise than a real pet!). 

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Caring for Pets


Owning a pet brings endless fun and love, and can also teach a sense of responsibility in looking after the pet. 

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Training programme coming to Ballymena!


Do live in or near Ballymena? The Centre is delivering its 4-week programme for parents and professionals every Tuesday, commencing next week. To find out more and to book you pl...

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Benefit of having a pet


Any pet owners know of the love and joy a pet can bring, but research shows that there are particular benefits for autistic people. 

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