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PDF Outdoor play infographic


Thank you to everyone who completed the Centre’s survey on Outdoor Play. The results are in! This infographic will tell you everything you need to know about opinions on outdoor...

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Hand Dryer


Staff at one of the centre’s referral schools, Sacred Heart Primary Tattyreagh, Omagh have worked hard at helping one pupil with autism cope with using the hand dryer in the school...

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Going Out Book


This booklet is a useful resource when planning any type of trip out of the house, and can be easily individualised.

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The Social Filter


It can be difficult to teach children and young people that honesty is not always the best policy. 

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Podcast Interview


In this podcast interview, Breiffni O’Reilly (Specialist Teacher, Middletown Centre for Autism) talks to two teachers, Eimear and Paula.

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A Winter Walk


It can be difficult to encourage some children and young people to leave the house at this time of year and engage in physical activity. 

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Breathing Exercise


The noise, smells, social demands and changed routines at Christmas can cause anxiety for many autistic children and young people. 

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Christmas Eve preparations


Get ready for Christmas Eve with these 2 resources- a mat for Santa’s treats and step-by-step instructions for making reindeer food. 

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Mini Biscuit house


This is a much easier version of the traditional gingerbread house but looks just as pretty and tastes delicious! 

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Oisin’s great achievement !


Middletown Centre for Autism would like to congratulate Oisin and his family, on his recent achievement at the 2021 Garda National Youth Awards.

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Christmas Bored Board


Christmas holidays are rarely boring but some children and young people may feel uncertain about how to fill their days. 

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