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Exam anxiety


If you been lucky enough to attend one of Jed Baker’s trainings, you are probably familiar with his ‘Think Like a Scientist’ approach.

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Exams: Do I need them?


Some students may be struggling to find the motivation to revise for exams, or some may be questioning the purpose of exams.

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Celebrating Me


The Autism Advisory and Intervention Service (NI) has launched an excellent series of videos entitled ‘Celebrating Me: Supporting a Pupil’s Understanding and Acceptance of an Autis...

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As exam season approaches, some students may be questioning the point of exams, and others may be worried about the grading system. 

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RTE Radio 1 interview


In an interview on RTE Radio 1, Brendan O’Connor talks to the parents of an autistic child about their experiences and daily family life, including the support received from the Ce...

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Springtime Walk


This resource can be used both as a way of developing sensory awareness, and as a visual support for Mindfulness. 

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Tips for revision


Some clear and concise tips for all those young people starting their revision schedules. 

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We are Hiring


Upcoming opportunity with Middletown Centre of Autism Classroom Assistant (temporary maternity cover, up to 6 months) on a full time basis.

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Springtime walk


Walking can be an excellent calming and regulating activity, but it may be difficult to motivate some young people to participate in exercise if there is no clear purpose. 

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Panting Seeds


Gardening introduces the opportunity for tactile experiences and the development of fine motor skills. 

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Bunny cookies


If you have Easter themed cookie cutters, this is the perfect step by step visual guide for using them to create delicious biscuits.

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