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Personal Care Strategies


The webinar clip posted yesterday examined why personal care tasks can be challenging for autistic children and young people with sensory sensitivities. 

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Just 3 days left to register for the Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Autism Studies, delivered collaboratively by Middletown Centre for Autism and Mary Immaculate College, Limerick...

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Movement and Music


 Movement breaks can be very regulating for some autistic children and young people, and can then facilitate improved engagement and attention.

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Changing Environments


In this podcast clip Dr Patsy Daly explains how making small changes to the environment and communication styles at home and school can reduce sensory overload. 

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Using masks and hand sanitiser


In a podcast recorded last summer, Adam Harris (CEO of AsIAm) explained the sensory sensitivities and other anxieties which face masks and hand sanitisers can cause for some autist...

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Sensory Choice Boards


The checklists shared yesterday will help you to develop an understanding of a child or young person’s individual sensory needs. 

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Sensory Processing Checklists


Observing and recording a child or young person’s responses to sensory input is essential before introducing supports and strategies. 

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Sensory Processing Webinar


Last year Jill McCanney, one of the Centre’s Specialist Occupational Therapist, recorded a short webinar on the topic of Sensory Processing. 

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Calming Routine


In this clip from a webinar recorded last summer, Kari Dunn Buron explains the importance of incorporating calming and mindful activities into daily routines so that they eventuall...

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