Board of Directors 2021-2024


The management and staff of Middletown Centre for Autism are delighted to welcome the appointment of a new board of Directors by Ministers Josepha Madigan (Department of Education...

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World Autism Day mentions


We are delighted that our work has been highlighted in, Minister of State for Special Education and Inclusion, Josepha Madigan’s speech on World Autism Day. Thank you to you all fo...

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Attention Autism Day Peter Weir


We are equally delighted that the Minister of Education in Northern Ireland, Peter Weir, has highlighted our work, on World Autism Day. Thank you to all for your interest and suppo...

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Are you interested in joining the team at Middletown Centre for Autism?  Do you live in Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland?  Do you have experience and qualifications in...

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Book Launch


Middletown Centre for Autism is excited to launch its first book, published in partnership with Routledge, Taylor & Francis group. The Centre had looked forward to celebrating this...

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Service Provider Roles


The Centre are currently looking for Specialist Service Providers. Completed application forms must be returned by 12pm (noon) on Wednesday 30th September 2020.

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National Teaching Assistants’ Day


National Teaching Assistants’ Day 16 September 2020 Middletown Centre for Autism would like to extend its recognition to National Teaching Assistants' Day which celebrates the...

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September Webinars


Middletown Centre for Autism are pleased to announce a second webinar series beginning on 9 September.

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Dr Temple Grandin Podcast


In today’s podcast Dr Temple Grandin speaks with the Centre’s CEO Gary Cooper OBE about the impact of the pandemic, the changes she needed to make in her own life and the importanc...

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Kari Dunn Podcast Emotional Regulation


In this podcast author and educator Kari Dunn Buron speaks with Dr Fiona McCaffrey on emotional regulation and gives practical strategies to support parents and educators in provid...

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International Youth Day 12 August 2020


International Youth Day is held each year on the 12th of August and is an initiative that celebrates the qualities of young people whilst recognising the challenges that they may e...

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