Date: 31/03/2020

World Autism Awareness Day, is an internationally recognised day taking place on 2 April 2020.  In the week 1- 7 April 2020, Middletown Centre for Autism reflect on how autism awareness and acceptance can be increased to help support the education of children and young people with autism, which is even  more vital than ever  particularly during this Covid-19 outbreak and our need to work and educate from home.

The Centre, therefore, encourages parents and professionals living and working with children and young people with autism to consider how they can be empowered to maximise their potential through the advice given by Dr. Temple Grandin (a person with autism who has documented and presented internationally the insights she gained from her personal experience), Dr. Jed Baker (Director of the Social Skills Training Project, an organisation serving individuals with autism and social communication problems),  Gina Davis  (Speech and Language Therapist and an autism specialist who works directly with autistic children and is an experienced trainer and lecturer who developed the Attention Autism model ) and Michelle Garcia Winner (Speech Language Pathologist who specialises in supporting those who are experiencing social and communication challenges). To read their full interviews please click here