Middletown Centre for Autism Research Panel

By accepting these terms and conditions, you confirm that you are over 18 years of age and wish to volunteer to participate in online and/or offline research conducted on, or on behalf  of Middletown Centre for Autism. You understand that participation in the research is wholly voluntary and subject to the following terms and conditions:

1.      Registration

1.1   Only one registration is allowed per person, with any related child/children only being linked once to one adult registration.

1.2   You agree to supply true, honest, current and complete answers when registering or updating your member account and when participating in research projects arranged by Middletown Centre for Autism.

1.3   You further agree to review and correct all of the information, provided by you, about you and your household, as necessary. This includes providing a current and accurate email address and your agreement to respond.

1.4   You may be contacted no more than four times a year to participate in research.

2.      Termination

2.1   You are free to withdraw from the Centre’s Research Panel, at any time without giving a reason. Please notify the Centre by email only, at research.panel@middletownautism.com.

2.2   Middletown Centre for Autism reserves the right to withdraw you from the Centre’s Research Panel without notice, if the Centre believe you have breached the terms and conditions and/or any of the Centre’s research procedures and/or your behaviour is deemed at the Centre’s sole discretion to be inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable during the course of research.

3.      Confidentiality

3.1   You agree to treat all information received because of your participation in Middletown Centre for Autism Research Panel as confidential (“Confidential Information”).

3.2   When you log in as a panellist, you will be asked to enter your membership number. You must keep this confidential and secure and if you suspect that the security of your membership number has been compromised in any way, you should immediately contact the Centre at, research.panel@middletownautism.com. If you cannot remember your membership number, please notify the Centre by email only at, research.panel@middletownautism.com

3.3   All information reported by the Centre will be anonymised.

4.      Data Protection

4.1   Middletown Centre for Autism is committed to ensuring that the data provided by you is collected, stored, processed and disclosed in accordance with principles set by  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and  the Data Protection Act 1998. In some cases, your personal data will only be released to third parties to assist in gathering data from you either through for example, means of telephone or face-to-face interviews, surveys or focus groups. Refusal of consent, in these cases, will not affect your participation in other research studies.

5.      Privacy

5.1   In accordance with our web site Privacy Statement, Middletown Centre for Autism is committed to protecting the privacy of the Centre’s web site users including panellists. All information collected is used only for the purpose of research.

6.      Concerns and Complaints

6.1   Middletown Centre for Autism values your feedback and suggestions regarding the Centre’s research and related matters. Please email your comments to research.panel@middletownautism.com

7.      Variation of Terms

7.1   These terms and conditions are subject to review and amendment from time to time. You will be notified of any changes by email to the address provided by you on registration and/or by announcement on the Centre’s website.