Date: 17/09/2021

Many autistic students will be experiencing heightened anxiety this month as they try to settle back into the school routine, familiarise themselves with new teachers and classrooms, and cope with the academic and social demands.

Expressing anxiety and asking for help can be challenging in a noisy, busy classroom, especially when the student is feeling overloaded.   

These colour coded cards are a simple and effective way of communicating emotional states.  Some students may prefer a more discrete method of communication, so passing the teacher or assistant a coloured pen can be a subtle alternative. 

It is important to remember that this resource will not suit all children and young people as some may not recognise emotions, due to alexithymia or differences in interoceptive awareness, and so the onus is then on supporting adults to be observant of the indicators of anxiety in the student and offer support.  

Click here to download the resource 

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