Date: 07/04/2023

The Middletown Conference is a little over a month away. The Centre wants it to be as accessible as possible for all of our attendees. Here is some of what we'll be doing. What can we do to make the conference comfortable for you?

We want all community members to feel comfortable when they join us at the Middletown Conference in May. It can be hard to navigate new social & sensory spaces. We want to make that easier for our autistic attendees. Here is some of what we'll be doing: 


  • At registration, we'll have a designated desk for autistic attendees to make the process quicker & easier. 

  • Our staff will all be wearing matching t-shirts so that they are easy to find if you need anything or have any questions. 

  • Throughout the day, there’ll be an information desk where you can ask any questions you might have.  

  • We'll give all attendees communication badges so you can manage how & when you give energy to socialising. The badges are being provided by our friends @AsIAmIreland 

  • We'll have a designated room for autistic delegates that is separate to the main conference area. This will feature a live stream feed of the conference for anyone who wants to watch in a quieter space. Some of our autistic staff members will be available in the room. 

  • Autistic delegates will be given a "reserved" sign that can be placed on a preferred seat. This means that you can choose where to sit & know that the seat will be yours for the duration of the conference. 

  • At lunch, we'll be catering to dietary needs and all sandwiches will be clearly labelled. Autistic delegates can eat their lunch in the quiet room if they prefer to avoid the noisier lunch space. 

  • We’ll send you a walk-through video of the venue before you attend.  


It can be intimidating to attend an event. It can feel like there is unspoken etiquette that you may not know. We want to do everything we can to remove that barrier & encourage everyone to be themselves. 

What else can we do to make the Middletown Conference comfortable for you? 

You can find out more about our conference here