Date: 28/05/2020

The emotion thermometer is a visual support used to assist with communication about how a person is feeling.

You could introduce this using some of the ideas suggested by Tony Attwood this morning, for example; collect images and identify the feeling and/or perceived level of emotion; list 10 situations that can lead the child or young person to feel e.g. happy/sad etc. and identify the level of these emotions per situation.

A final idea is to interview others and identify what leads them to feel certain feelings/levels of feelings.

This activity may work with siblings from within the family unit or it could take place via a phone conversation or video chat.

The child or young person could ask others about what helps them to feel better when they experience negative emotions.

This naturally introduces the concept of an emotional toolbox.

We will post more tomorrow about the emotional toolbox.

For additional information on using visual supports to identify and understand emotions please click on the here for a short video.

Click here for Emotion Thermometer PDF.