Date: 05/10/2021

Continuing the theme of Hunger and Thirst, this resource will help children and young people who may not have the interoceptive awareness to tell when they are full.  

Those who are under-responsive to interoceptive messages may not recognise the signs that they are full after a meal, and so continue to eat.   

Those who are over-responsive to interoceptive messages may feel full very quickly, even though they have not eaten enough at a meal. 

As discussed yesterday, there are resources available which can help to develop interoceptive awareness so that the child or young person can begin to register the signs of fullness. 

While interoceptive awareness is still developing, this dinner plate resource can be used to indicate how much of each type of food should be eaten at mealtimes.  Please note that those who are under-responsive to feeling full and like to eat large amounts may react negatively to food restrictions.  They can therefore be allowed extra vegetables. 

Click here to download the full resource 

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