Date: 29/07/2022

This video demonstrates a variety of ways dynamic seating can be used to add more movement in to a child’s day.

Dynamic seating provides movement while the child/young person is seated. 

This can meet the need for movement without the child/young person leaving their seat. 

For some children and young people, this improves attention and regulation. 


Wedged Move’n’Sit cushion 

  • Lightly inflated with air to provide in-chair movement 
  • Bumpy side for those who like tactile input 
  • Smooth side for those who do not want tactile input 
  • Wedge shaped cushion: thin edge is at the front of the chair. 
  • Child/young person sits on cushion 
  • When they move, the cushion moves 
  • This provides increased movement input


Round Move’n’sit cushion 

  • Cushions may also be round 
  • There is a textured surface on one side for tactile input 
  • There is a smooth surface on the other side if tactile input is not wanted 
  • Cushion again provides in-chair movement for the child/young person 
  • Cushions should not be fully inflated; light inflation is adequate 
  • Child/young person should not be seated on cushion for long periods 
  • Use for short periods to increase alertness and attention to task 


Therapy ball 

  • Sitting on a therapy ball provides increased movement 
  • Child/young person can bounce and rock while seated 
  • Can improve regulation and attention 

Ball with base 

  • A base for the ball is sometimes required 
  • Provides more support and control if balance is limited 
  • Prevent ball from rolling around room when not in use 

Ball chair 

  • The ball chair offers increased support 
  • Facilitates postural control 
  • Ensure ball is appropriate size for height of child/young person 
  • Feet should be easily placed on floor when seated 
  • Use base or ball chair if child has limited balance and postural control 
  • Child/young person should not be seated on ball for long periods 
  • Use for short periods to increase alertness and attention to task 

To view the video please visit this link