Date: 28/07/2022

This video demonstrates a variety of ways this useful resource can be enjoyed to add more movement in to a child’s day.

A peanut roll is a good alternative to a spherical therapy/gym ball. 

Its peanut shape offers greater support and stability. 

Activities on the peanut roll can support regulation and motor skill development. 


Sitting on the ball: 

1.       Improves core stability and postural control. 

2.       Provides movement which helps with regulation. 

3.       Throwing at a target improves eye-hand coordination. 


Lying on the ball: 

1.       Increases core strength, and upper limb strength. 

2.       Weightbearing through the arms is regulating. 

3.       Puzzle activity promotes midline crossing. 




·        Some children will not have the upper limb strength to weightbear over the peanut roll. 

·        They can keep knees and feet on the floor for greater stability. 

·        This position still provides input to the muscles of the arms and legs. 


·        Ensure you use the correct size of peanut roll for the child/young person. 

·        The child/young person should be able to sit on it with feet flat on the floor. 

Click here to view the tiktok video