Date: 06/10/2021

As discussed on the centre’s social media pages yesterday, some children and young people may not register signals of hunger or fullness. 

This can be due to differences in Interoception, and resources can be used to improve this internal body awareness. 

It can also be useful to use visual prompts to show a child or young person how many snacks they can have each day.  This will help those who don’t register when their stomach is full and maybe eat too much.  They can feel anxious about not getting enough food, so this board will clearly show them that they will get regular snacks throughout the day, but allows some limit over the number of snacks consumed. 

The Snack Board can also be used with those who do not recognise when they are hungry, and so may not eat enough during the day.  This will prompt them to consume regular snacks, ensuring they have enough energy for daily activities. 

Click here to download the full resource  

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