Date: 11/10/2021

The Centre is delighted to host a webinar by Joan McDonald as part of its series presented by autistic adults and internationally renowned speakers. 

Joan brings insight and warmth in discussing how autistic students can be self-advocates, and how teachers can best support their students in the classroom. 

In ‘Autism – Behind the Label’, Joan will consider the effects of autistic thinking on self-regulation, wellbeing and learning style.  Using information from neuroscience, she will examine emotional development and the importance of co-regulation with autistic learners.  

Joan will look at ways of exploring autistic identity in a positive but realistic manner, to lead students to better understand themselves and to be able to more effectively self-advocate.  Ideas for using autistic focussed thinking to enhance access to the curriculum will be explored. 

To book a place at this pre-recorded webinar, please visit the link