Date: 23/02/2021

Here is the final session from the 4-week programme ‘Fun with Food’.  This week, it is all about frozen fruit puree! 

If you missed previous posts, this is a 4-week programme encouraging a playful exploration of food.  You will find sessions 1-3 on the Centre’s posts from the last 3 weeks. 

The programme aims to familiarise children with the sensory aspects of food (smells, textures, colours) and to reduce sensitivities.  There is no pressure or expectation for the child to eat the food and this does not need to be encouraged.  Simply touching, smelling and engaging in the activity in a positive manner is developing the sensory experience of food for the child.  If they do wish to eat it, that is of course fine!  

This programme will be useful for children who have limited diets due to sensory sensitivities. Please note that if the child or young person becomes upset during the activity or shows strong aversive responses, stop the activity.