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Creating a Calm Area


Are you considering creating a calm zone or chill out area at home for your child or young person? Calm zones can be a great calming strategy; you may have heard them mentioned in...

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Creating a Calm Corner


This resource identifies items that may be utilised when creating a calm space for your child or young person at home. Please note that this list of ideas is not exhaustive nor is...

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CSI FingerPront


Today's resource is an idea we are sharing from the National Council of Special Education Ireland. This activity requires minimal resources and may offer hours fun for a child o...

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Grounding Strategies


In this video, Middletown Trainer Advisor Edel Quin introduces a range of ideas for teaching an autistic child or young person grounding strategies in order to help them manage ove...

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Wearing a Mask


As wearing masks becomes more commonplace, some autistic children and young people may wish to or be expected to wear masks . Today we have two resources aimed at introducing th...

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New Podcast Brian Mc Clean Mindfulness


In this podcast Dr McClean identifies low arousal and rapport as crucial elements for learning and wellbeing. In addition, he offers practical tips about how we can use mindfuln...

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Developing a Worry Jar


The Worry Jar is a strategy that is normally used with children and young people in mainstream settings. This structured concept aims to help make the idea of a worry more tang...

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Problem Vs Reaction


Reactions to challenging situations should be expressed in relation to the size of the problem encountered. Today’s resource is a visual support designed to help child and young pe...

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Autism Little Learners book series


This link provides access to a helpful series of COVID-19 related texts to explain specific topics and situations to our children and young people. Topics include: What is social...

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Monkey and Bananas Shoebox Task


The use of structure can help to make tasks more easily achievable for the learner. Structure informs the learner of where to start, what to do and when the task will be finished....

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Jar of Positive Affirmations


We know that sometimes our children and young people with autism may be aversive to touch and/or may not always find verbal affirmation meaningful.

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Making Juice Step by Step


Promoting life skills and independence with autistic children and young people is crucially important. Simple tasks such as making juice can be a good place to start and may be...

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Mobile Phone Agreement


Technology has been extremely helpful for many of us throughout lockdown, but it is important for us all to maintain a healthy balance of other activities daily, including screen f...

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