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Daily Schedules


The half-term holiday is already here for some and is on its way for others.  Structure in daily routines is important, even at holiday times. 

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Midterm Break Activities


The mid-term holiday brings changes in routine and more unstructured time, and some children and young people with autism will need support with this.

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Top Tips for Teachers


Today we are sharing our Top Tips for Teachers on creating a learning environment which meets the needs of students with autism. A positive and supportive learning environment help...

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The Bored Board


The Bored Board is our most downloaded resource to date. Aptly named by one of the centre’s referral students, it is designed to help children and young people make choices about h...

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5 week training programme


Middletown Centre is providing a five-week training programme for Classroom Assistants in Northern Ireland. This programme will consist of weekly recorded webinars with accompanyin...

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Sensory Integration Month


October is Sensory Integration month and to celebrate we have a fantastic resource kindly shared by creators Lisa Dynan (parent and graphic designer) and Elisabeth Ohlbock (occupat...

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Home School Communication


Sharing knowledge and information between home and school is imperative to ensure that the learner is effectively supported across environments using a consistent approach. 

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Establishing and maintaining a consistent routine is key to supporting the wellbeing of children and young people with autism; however, this can be a challenge in our now ever-chan...

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Skittles Games


Initiating and maintaining conversation can be an area of difficulty due to the social communication complexities inherent in autism.

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Check your battery visual


The use of the visual support helps to make an abstract concept (energy levels and emotional states) more concrete and therefore easier to understand.

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