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What is the new Normal to a Child?


Click on the link to view a video which might help to explain the new normal. As things begin to open up, it may be difficult for children and young people to understand our ever-c...

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Positive Postcards


Sharing positive and encouraging words and messages is important, and more so at this time of being away from our typical routines of school, work and life. It is always nice t...

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The Positive Thinking Game


Developing positive self-esteem is important for all children as it helps them to find new ways to look at their abilities, boosts confidence and overall happiness. This positive...

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Podcast in July


We are very pleased to announce a new venture. The Centre is providing a weekly podcast every Friday in July and August featuring interviews with the international and local presen...

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Cosmic Kids Yoga


Learning to relax is a self-regulation skill that may need to be explicitly taught. Cosmic Kids Yoga presents fun, step by step, visual guidance that your child may find engaging....

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Life Skills Resources


As mentioned in the Q&A with Dr Templin Grandin the acquisition of life skills is of extreme importance for autistic children and young people. Accessible chef is a collection o...

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Promoting Sleep Resources


Following on from our ‘Promoting Sleep’ webinar here are a number of resources. Clicking on the YouTube link will bring you to an Operation Ouch video on sleep aimed at primary sc...

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Social Distancing Resources


As COVID 19 restrictions relax, our combined ability to comply with social distancing regulations becomes increasingly important. For some of our children and young people with aut...

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Worry Dolls


Worry dolls are small handmade dolls originating from the indigenous people of Guatemala. Making the doll is part of the process and may help the child or young person engage with...

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Energy Accounting


Maja Toudal’s energy accounting method reimagines the concept of a bank account where the child or young person experiences energy withdrawals and deposits.

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Mindfulness Resources


Following on from our webinar with Dr. Brian McClean we are sharing two resources which we hope you will find helpful. Our ‘Co-regulation’ resource suggests different activities yo...

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Fathers Day Card


Adding structure to any task aims to promote the child of young person’s independence.

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