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Check your battery visual


The use of the visual support helps to make an abstract concept (energy levels and emotional states) more concrete and therefore easier to understand.

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Tony Attwood Recording


In this webinar Professor Tony Attwood looks at measures that can be taken to reduce anxiety as our students return to their educational placements.

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Tony Attwood Webinar


Returning to school this September has been an anxious time for many students but even more so for the majority of our autistic students. In tomorrow’s webinar Dr Tony Attwood will...

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Past Referral on TV


Judy is an exceptional artist and has a keen interest in animal care. An interview with Judy will feature on BBC1 “Home Ground” programme on Monday 14th September at 7.30. During t...

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Living with the new rules


Learning to understand and live with the Covid-19 guidelines has required adaptation on everyone’s part however, for autistic children and young people adapting may be significantl...

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Things I wish my teacher knew


Being able to identify and communicate your personal needs and preferences is a crucial life skill for all children and young people. This resource offers a concrete, non-transient...

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Personal Care Podcast


In our final podcast (for now!) Jill McCanney, one of the Centre’s specialist occupational therapists, will discuss the challenges which personal care activities may create for man...

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September Webinars


Middletown Centre for Autism are pleased to announce a second webinar series beginning on 9 September.

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Movement Breaks


Movement breaks are typically classroom based physical activity programmes designed to get students moving more. Movement breaks are beneficial for all students as they typicall...

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Open Containers


Teaching your child how to open certain containers or food items will not only help with their independence and fine motor skills but will alleviate the need for too many hands tou...

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Dr Temple Grandin Podcast


In today’s podcast Dr Temple Grandin speaks with the Centre’s CEO Gary Cooper OBE about the impact of the pandemic, the changes she needed to make in her own life and the importanc...

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