Lego Fun


Structure and order are often sought out by autistic people.

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Creating a Covid 19 Super Hero


During this time of change and uncertainity, children need to feel secure and protected, while moving forward with small steps to safely returning to life outside of the home.

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Writing a Social Narrative


In our most recent webinar Adam Harris spoke about providing predictability to make the world more accessible to people with autism.

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Webinars - June


Throughout the month of June Middletown is providing a series of Webinars featuring various international experts:

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The Emotional Toolbox


As discussed on yesterday’s webinar with Tony Attwood, the emotional toolbox provides the child or young person with a visual to identify strategies they may find helpful to addres...

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Emotion Thermometer


The emotion thermometer is a visual support used to assist with communication about how a person is feeling.

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Scratch Coding


If a child or young person you know is enjoying the social distancing computer game we posted – then perhaps they would like to create their own game or scenario.

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