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What school means to me


With the school routine well under way for another year, it can be hard to get children & young people to share about their school day.

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If I could fly to the moon


Autumn weather may make outdoor adventures a little difficult, but with this creative resource you can go adventuring from the comfort of your living room.

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Fingerprint tree


Another lovely Autumn activity today, this time using finger painting to create leaves on a tree.

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Ideas for reducing anxiety


When a child or young person is in a heightened state of anxiety, it can be difficult to recall strategies and activities that may help to reduce anxiety. 

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Grounding activity 


This grounding activity is helpful for children and young people who may be overwhelmed during their school day.  

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CEO- Mr Stephen Douthart


Middletown Centre for Autism is pleased to announce following a public appointment process the appointment of Mr Stephen Douthart.

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Asking for help


Many autistic students will be experiencing heightened anxiety this month as they try to settle back into the school routine, familiarise themselves with new teachers and classroom...

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Breathing and Relaxation


Some children and young people may be feeling anxious about the transition back to the school environment and the school day.

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School and Home Communication


Teachers, assistants and parents will be keen to establish effective communication between home and school from the start of the new term.

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